14. - 28. Mai 2006, freiraum MQ Wien

Mauricio Takara

Mauricio Takara has been involved within the Brazilian music scene for many years, predominately on drums and percussion, but also as an electronic programmer, and occasionally on trumpet. He's collaborated with a vast range of local and worldly artists, such as: Otto, Damo Suzuki, Cidadao Instigado, Nana Vasconcelos, Thomas Rohrer and Nacao Zumbi. He's toured Europe (including Sonar festival in Barcelona, Roskilde in Denmark, Womex in Seville & Club Transmediale in Berlin), the U.S., India (World Socials Forum) and of course Brazil. He's released 2 solo records under the name M. Takara for the Brazilian labels Submarine & Slag Records, 4 with his 6 piece group Hurtmold (including a split with Chicago's The Eternals) and recently the first record with the band Sao Paulo Underground (with the artist Rob Mazurek, from Chicago). He's currently working on a 'J.T. Meirelles' remix record (60's Brazilian samba-jazz saxophonist) with the group Instituto.

"The latest dispatch from the Brazilian underground is this album of 12 untitled tracks by Mauricio Takara, whose day job involves drumming for acclaimed Sao Paulo post-rockers Hurtmold. Here he also takes on guitar, bass, keyboard, xylophone, computer, and triangle to form scratchy, sketchy instrumentals that encompass dub, jazz, breakbeat, and post-rock. Recorded between 2000 and 2003, the album veers from highly accessible, jolly pop to noisily experimental distortion and overload." Andy Cumming, Ear Plug

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